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Qualification - BE & PG IN HUMAN RIGHTS
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We human beings constitute the most successful species on earth. We thrive on every continent on the globe. Unlike all other species including insects, vertebrate, non vertebrate and marine life we prove ourself as the most destructive species on the planet.

We always wish to live in neat & clean, green and pollution free environment but how many of us make an effort for that ?

In Planting Future we focus on every aspects of human beings relation with nature. Our each step is to aware people about their vital connection & relation with nature. What we do is What we gain. We work to make people self reliance, motivated, educated, civilized & nature’s guard,

To aware about climate change, best utilization of limited resources to increase ability & productivity.

If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted like Trees. So have faith & do what you can do for the securing future of generations as well as our.