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Welcome to the Planting Future

The Planting Future is a caring society. Our welfare services cover a range of preventive, nurturing, supportive and remedial measures. We seek to allocate resources to the most needy to meet their basic needs and help them move from welfare to self-reliance.

On top of the commitment of the Government, we also need territory-wide participation and support. In the face of the increasingly complex social problems, I sincerely hope that the public at large, the welfare sector and the business community will continue to forge partnership with the Government in building up a caring society.

We have an advisory board that works closely with us to guide the work of our Centre. We are fortunate to have amongst the members of the board two of the most ardent promoters. The combination of an informed and committed advisory board coupled with a group of staff with a diverse range of knowledge and expertise working on the common goal of strengthening the systems is key to our contribution.

Come forward and join us in our journey to achieving success.